Clay and Propolis shampoo with white Clay and Propolis (200 ml) - purifying - oily hair

Clay and Propolis shampoo with white Clay and Propolis (200 ml) - purifying - oily hair
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A balancing and purifying action to restore bounce and shine to oily hair. It uses the properties of white Clay with its rich mineral content that absorbs excess sebum and Propolis to purify the skin.
For hair with bounce and shine. It leaves hair with a lasting feeling of freshness and cleanness, thanks to the white the Clay that absorbs excess sebum and the skin purifying qualities of Propolis.

Actions:restores shine and bounce to oily hair
Direction for use:massage a generous amount into wet hair until it forms a soft, creamy lather. Rinse with plenty of water and repeat if necessary.
Scent:fresh, floral base
Suggestions:this product is recommended for those with oily hair
Characteristic:shampoo that is ideal for oily hair
Texture:Medium consistency
Application Area:hair


Propoli (Propolis cera)

Le api utilizzano la Propoli per rinforzare i favi, otturare le fessure e impedire ai parassiti di entrare nell'alveare. Gli insetti che riescono a entrare vengono praticamente imbalsamati dalla Propoli, che ha dimostrato di avere proprietà battericide. Per questo la Propoli viene definita "antibiotico naturale".

Greasy Hair

Your hair is dull, greasy and often heavy on your head . You must treat it with specific products, with active principles able to balance the excessive sebum and give your hair smoothness, lightness and brightness.